Monday, September 1, 2008

Week 3 Update - Waiting on The World To Change

Much like John Mayer, I have been waiting on a change this past week...maybe not the whole world to change (though there are many parts where that would be nice) but overall waiting for a change in the trading that has not been occurring.

It seems like I have been working on the Great Minivan Trade Up much longer than I actually have. We currently are working on trade #6, and Weaselmomma has a great trade up, and it not only promises to be a fun evening out, but I can now say from experience that her secret recipes that she is offering to trade up as well are definitely worth it.

As a part of the trade up I told the Weaselmomma that I would have to have some proof to the authenticity of the claim that her recipes were actually as good as she said they were. At the end of last week, I was pleased to have J-Mom letting me know that I had received a package and within were cookies and biscotti representing three of the recipes that she has offered in the trade up. As I mentioned earlier, she is not kidding when she states that these recipes are worth the trade.

Weaselmomma made a comment over at Creb8buzz the other day that stated "Around here they disappear like roaches in the light." I am also finding this to be the case and J-Mom and Diva-J love the cookies and Biscotti. If this doesn’t get traded up soon, I may have to trade up myself to get the recipes!

Outside of looking for trade up #6 there have been a few other things going on, primarily, I have been working on getting the word out to the media. The only bite so far is that my local newspaper has interviewed me about the trade up. I hope that the article is a good one and that it continues to push forward the fun, but you never know until you read it in print. I haven’t heard from any of my other attempts as of yet.

So what am I looking for the future:

1) I am looking to continue getting the word out about the Great Minivan Trade Up (If
you have ideas, please let me know)

2) I am looking to connect with further media contacts…do you have any that would be

3) I am looking to utilize my and other contacts to continue the trading up…. You know
the whole idea of six degrees of separation… I know there has to be some ways to
connect with celebrities, or other well known people that might be willing to put
something forward (such as dinner with ________ - you fill in your favorite celeb
or famous person). Can you help me with this?

As I have said in the past I started this process with a goal in mind, but not knowing whether the goal was actually attainable. Now I find myself doing this to not only work on my goal, but moreover I am truly enjoying the connections I am making with others and the fun I am having along the way as I work toward this goal.

I am always looking for ideas and ways to up the ante per se. If you have any ideas, please let me know by dropping me a line at .

What do you have or an you do that can get me closer to my goal?

I hope you all will get in on the fun and look forward to seeing what our next trade up will bring!

So again, the trading continues…what can you trade up?

Look forward to working on this project with you - and to your comments!

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I look forward to seeing you back here again!

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mylitlbratz said...

A couple weeks ago I was searching for some good blogs to follow and came across One Red Paper Clip. I found his trading journey an inspiration. What a clever way to attain his goal. I to was thinking of doing a trade up. I wish you luck with your minivan trade up. Hope to hear that you have attained your goal in the very near future.