Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moving on Up - Minivan Trade Up #6

Yes you read it right...after a bit of a lull in the action we have our 6th trade up! Thanks to Melisa over at Suburban Scrawl she has put together a package she calls - "Money Can't Buy Happiness" for Weaselmomma's gift of Herself and Stuff. The pakage includes:

  1. A practically new (still has the fill-it-in-yourself id card in it) Brighton knockoff wallet ($25)

          A necklace from Coldwater Creek ($22)

                    1. Large assortment of new-in-package scrapbooking supplies, including a set of alphabet books, a book of layout ideas, stickers, and layout kits ($120)

                    1. Four CDs to use for working out (I am a group fitness instructor); one is 128 beats per minute all the way through and is great for ab work or resistance training; three are custom blends that can be used for spinning or treadmill work (or even housecleaning: vacuuming is awesome when done to these tunes) ($80)

                      For those who are not the workout type, I have a new-in-package Hallmark CD: "Relaxing Instrumental Music, Volume 1" ($10)

                      One hardcover, never-read copy of Anna Quindlen's "A Short Guide to a Happy Life". Never read because I'm both too busy and apparently plenty happy enough. ($13)

                      Total value: $270*The only thing she asks is if the person who trades up from this is outside of the continental U.S., she would request that we split the shipping cost: half each. If the person is in the U.S., she'll cover shipping.

                      As you can see this whole package is a great one, so my thanks to Melisa for her generosity!

                    So now comes the fun part, as I have explained in earlier posts, it’s time for trade up #7. If you would like to own this beautiful piece of artwork, all you have to do is trade up for the piece. What do you have that can get me closer to my goal? I hope you all will get in on the fun and look forward to seeing what our next trade up will bring!

                    So again, the trading continues…what can you trade up? Please send all offers to: dadofdivas@gmail.com

                    Look forward to working on this project with you - and to your comments!

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