Friday, August 15, 2008

The Great Minivan Trade Up Day 3 - Waiting on Trade 2

As I hope all of you read on Friday I started a new initiaive that I am calling The Great Minivan Trade Up (read this if you need more background to the project). Here is how it works… What I am looking for is for people to offer trade ups that have some value to others. Seeing that I live in Northeastern Wisconsin and have a more limited travel budget, I am looking for things to be somewhat transportable (yet again, of value). If items are products, please make sure that items are in working order. If trades are for services, events, vacations, etc, please specify the parameters that must be followed.

So what do you get in return, well first, you get some items that may be valuable to you. Second you get to be a part of history! Third, you will get notoriety and free publicity as I will make a big deal regarding my trade ups! Fourth, for the person, company, etc, that does finally get me to my goal, I will promise you praise beyond compare on this site, and if you would like a continual product review (a year in the life per se of a Toyota Sienna owner)

As of Friday thanks to Charlie On The Pennsylvania Turnpike we have our first trade!!!!
For the Kodak Ektralite that I mentioned earlier, he has offered a trade up of the following:
A SanDisk USB 2.0 CompactFlash Card Reader/Writer .Ebay lists one at $16.
It is in the original packaging (while it was cut open, the device was never used.) Driver CD, documentation included.

So again, the trading continues…what can you trade up?

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Look forward to working on this project with you - and to your comments!

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