Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Great Minivan Trade Up – Trade Up #4 is here!!!!

You read it right, we have our fourth trade up, and it is a nice one! Valued at approximately $120.00, a friend of mine (and wonderful photographer) named Diana Ramirez ( has traded up the following original – first print (one of a kind) matted photograph in a wooden frame (See Below!)

She explained to me that the image above is not the pest picture of her artwork as it was take with her camera, so I am sure that this would make a great addition to many of your households.
So now comes the fun part, as I have explained in earlier posts, it’s time for trade up #5. If you would like to own this beautiful piece of artwork, all you have to do is trade up for the piece. What do you have that can get me closer to my goal?

I hope you all will get in on the fun and look forward to seeing what our next trade up will bring!

So again, the trading continues…what can you trade up? Please send all offers to:

Look forward to working on this project with you - and to your comments!

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I look forward to seeing you back here again!

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