Saturday, August 16, 2008

Week 1 update – The Great Minivan Trade Up!!!

I can’t believe it has been a week since the unveiling of The Great Minivan Trade Up! Over the past week I have been working hard to get people interested and knowledgeable over what I am trying to accomplish.

1) I have set up a facebook group for those of you that are connected. It can be reached by going to:
(Hope you will come and join in the fun)

2) We received our first trade up from Charlie on the PA Turnpike (Thanks Charlie) which was traded to Jeff from Daddy’s Toolbox for an awesome book.

3) Our second trade up from Jeff from Daddy’s Toolbox was traded to Pat for an actual US Flag that flew over the US Capitol.So our trading continues and I wonder who will be next?

4) I have set up a website for the Great Minivan Trade Up – Please check it out -

5) At the website I developed a button that people can put on their own blogs – I hope that you will think of promoting it!

6) Speaking of promotion yesterday and today I have had people writing about this initiative so I need to spread the love!

- Next was Hip_Mom from Happy, Healthy, Hip -

7) I did get 2 emails from 2 different Toyota Dealers that I had contacted about the initiative. The first said:Due to the possibility of conflict between developments from within the Toyota organizations and ideas submitted by interested persons, it is our policy not to accept unsolicited suggestions for new products, inventions, patents, testimonials, proposals, marketing or advertising ideas.The second dealer representative mentioned:I have been thinking about how I can help you through this, sometimes confusing, car buying experience. Believe me, I know you have probably received numerous emails and quotes from many dealerships, and it can be overwhelming. Whether you are looking for the best price, or perhaps a different make of car, or maybe a feeling of trust with someone, please know that I do understand and I am here to help. If you need anymore information about the benefits of buying a over any other vehicle, I can surely send you many valuable test ratings, not to mention a list of awards that have made a step above the rest. What I find humorous about these is that neither people read the email I sent which was actually the text from the initial post that I put up about the Trade Up. Oh well…they will keep on hearing from me in the future…

What’s next up? I couldn’t honestly say… I do have a few ideas though…

1) I will definitely keep on trying to get people to join the facebook site and become subscribers to the new website as well as to Dad of Divas to be able to keep people in the loop.

2) I will keep trying to solicit ideas from others to get ideas on how to best reach out to get people talking about this initiative. I know there are others out there that may have ideas about how I may be able to reach my goal even sooner.

3) I will continue working to get people to trade up and have fun. Remember that items do not need to be tangible. For example think about your profession…what do you do that others may find valuable. Are you a family lawyer? How about doing a will, trust, etc for a family. Are you a web designer, How about a complete web design for someone? Do you work at a travel agency or for an airline… can you put forth a trip or airfare to somewhere??? Do you have a timeshare??? All of these are things that don’t specifically have to be sent or shipped.

4) Keep using twitter and other social networks to keep people updated with my progress.

This is my update for this week… hope that you will get involved!

So again, the trading continues…what can you trade up?

Please send all offers to:

Look forward to working on this project with you - and to your comments!

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